The Original Ad Campaign

I’m broke. So I have to sell my thing. And I’m not smart enough to work all those computer buttons and sell it on the eBays and the Letgos and the Etsies. So I gotta go old school – I’m taking out an ad in the school paper. I thought it would be cool if you helped me.

My thing is worth a lot, but it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it, so I was hoping you’d help me sell it. I’m going to need you to join an advertising agency of about four people (with a cool name), then figure out exactly how to sell my thing.

My thing will need a catchy name that really captures its image. I’ll need a slogan, and I’ll need a way to inscribe the image onto the product. Maybe a spokesperson? I don’t know. I’ll leave it to you.


You can include text in the ad, of course. Whatever. I’m loose. Just as long as each element of your ad appeals to a point of the Aristotelian Triangle, and no less than eight different rhetorical appeals are used in the entirety of the single print ad. And I’m going to need those rhetorical appeals numbered and labeled on a separate paper, attached to the back of the ad. You may want to reference your rhetoric packets...

Oh, and to make sure the thing sells, we’ll target different audiences. I’ll randomly assign each agency one of these demographic groups; target your ad accordingly.

1: New Parents

2: Hostile Aliens

3: Rap Moguls

4: Dogs

5: Vampires

6: Patriotic Veterans

7: Great-grand-parents

8: over-achieving AP Students

9. Babies

10. your original choice (but the audience should be clear)