The major emphasis of this class is to provide experiences in writing that encourage logical, coherent organization, clarity of expression, and suitability in style, usage, and conventions of writing.  Students will develop the ability to write thoughtfully from a clear, original thesis.  They will learn to demonstrate reason, use supporting evidence, and sufficient detail to persuade an audience and follow a line of reasoning. Students are required to read closely for literal and inferred meaning and to demonstrate, through a variety of assignments, that they have mastered the course content.  Students in this class will often investigate how literature embodies the themes we investigate.  We will use supplemental fiction and non-fiction texts that develop responses to the central questions posed at the start of each unit, designed to foster a critical and capable mind.  We will meet every week in an online conference, and additional office ours are available to anyone.

"The Lottery"

(Text and Setting Analysis)


"The Lottery" Audio Recording with Commentary

Study Questions

(Due 6/4 by 10:00 PM)

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HMH Quiz Due between 3:00 and 10:00PM 5/28

Have You Met Libby?

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